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Types of bed linen: which is better?

Satin. This material is made from twisted double-weave cotton fiber yarn. The main difference between satin is a smooth, slightly shiny surface that resembles silk. The advantages of such bed linen: it does not crumple, does not electrify, passes air well, and it is very durable. Retains a presentable appearance for up to 300 washes. Among the advantages of satin: high strength and resistance of dyes, does not shed, low crease, hygroscopicity. Another popular material for creating bed linen is calico. This is a dense fabric made of thick cotton thread. It feels a little tougher than calico. Among the main characteristics are light weight, environmental friendliness, low crease and durability. Subject to the rules of use, it can last for decades, while maintaining its original appearance. In the catalog of our company’s online store you will find several amazing options in different colors. The price will pleasantly surprise you.

Both fabrics have high performance characteristics, look aesthetically pleasing and can complement the interior of the rooms of your hotel or hostel. Here you can buy inexpensive, but high-quality textiles from the best suppliers of any material in small and large wholesale through the store. To choose the option that suits you, determine which characteristics are the main ones for you. If at the moment the main task is to equip the hostel with warm bedding for the autumn-winter period, it is better to look at satin products. If you want your interior to look stylish and concise – white calico is perfect. On our website you will find a wide variety of bed designs: with a small pattern, actual floral and floral print, plain, etc. Buying large and small wholesale, in the online store of our company, you can be sure of the excellent quality of each product. There are different sizes on sale: from semi-double to euro. We have the possibility of pickup, as well as delivery. We can promptly deliver the order to any other city by a transport company of your choice.

Size Duvet Cover (cm) Sheet (cm) Pillowcase (cm) Set One-and-a-half-bed from 143×210 to 160×230 from 145×200 50×70 or 70×70 Standard: pillowcase, sheet, duvet cover. Suitable for an adult of medium height or a child A double bed from 175×210 to 180×220 from 175×210 50×70 or 70×70 Includes one duvet cover, a sheet, two pillowcases. More often it is equipped with rectangular pillowcases Euro from 200×220 to 215×220 from 200×215 50×70 or 70×70 is assembled from a sheet, a duvet cover, two rectangular pillowcases. Often the set includes a second pair of pillowcases — square. I came from Europe, where it is customary to use four pillows. A duet from 143×210 to 160×230 from 220×240 50×70 or 70×70 Consists of one sheet, two pillowcases, two duvet covers. A suitable solution for those who do not like to share a blanket for two or feel the cold differently. Maxi from 220×240 to 240×260 from 220×240 50×70 or 70×70 Comes with two or four pillowcases. It is optimal for lovers of large blankets or couples who want to sleep under one blanket. Baby 115 ×147 or 110×150 from 120×150 40 ×60 or 35 ×45 Is a nursery — from 0 to 3 years. It can include sides for the bed, canopy. There is also a semi-double, which is slightly smaller than the classic 1.5-bedroom set