Bed linen store

In our store there is a huge selection of high-quality products for the home and at an affordable price. This section of the catalog presents sets of bed linen from well-known manufacturers. In our collection there are sets made only from natural raw materials: cotton, linen, bamboo and eucalyptus fiber. Fabrics made of such materials, unlike synthetics, are pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation. They give a healthy and sound sleep, so the assortment of our store is regularly updated and replenished only with such sets. With us you can always order sets of bed linen not only standard sizes, but duet and maxi euro. We know that most customers like Turkish bed linen, as well as sets from domestic manufacturers. This selection of manufacturer brands is not accidental. Choosing Turkish bed linen or sets from Russian manufacturers, we can be sure of the quality of the goods and guarantee it to our customers.

In the store you will find many options for kits that differ in shades, patterns and prints. We try to please customers with different tastes, so at the same time the store has more than 200 models with a variety of designs. Such a wide range of models allows each of our clients to buy a set of bed linen that will perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom and will delight for many years. If you still haven’t found the right set or are having trouble choosing, then our managers will be happy to help you decide and place an order. You can always buy a set of bed linen with home delivery in the store.

We are confident in the quality of our products. Therefore, we give 100 days for an exchange or refund if the set of bed linen does not fit the size, color or style.

The refund is made only if:

the product was not in use;
the integrity of packaging and labels are preserved;
availability of a document confirming the fact of purchase.
We know how difficult it can be to pick up a set of bed linen online when there is no opportunity to see the goods live. Therefore, we try to create the most comfortable conditions for customers. Therefore, you can refuse the order even at the stage of its receipt, if it did not make a proper impression on you!

To enjoy a full sound sleep, each of us needs not only a comfortable atmosphere and a comfortable sleeping place, but also high-quality bed linen. In stores offering home textiles, you can find a wide variety of kits that differ in shade and density of the material and size. It is often quite difficult to sort out a large selection of products. Therefore, before making a purchase, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the basic nuances of choosing to buy bed linen that suits you according to all criteria.

Bed linen is a textile that must be pleasant in tactile sensations. After all, this is a product that you need to use every day. Therefore, it is very important to purchase bedding that will be perfect for you in everything. When choosing products, consider the following parameters:

High-quality bed linen should be distinguished by air permeability, as well as perfectly absorb moisture. As a rule, cotton has these properties.
Pay attention to the level of strength and wear resistance of the product. This is really important. Sleeping sets require frequent washing, and loose material will quickly lose its aesthetic appearance.

It’s no secret that manufacturers use dyes in the production of underwear. But the components should tolerate washing in hot water well and not have substances in their composition that cause an allergic reaction.
Bed linen that meets these criteria will last for a long period of time and will delight its owner with the softness of touch, the brightness of the pattern and the comfort of use.